The Data Use Community is a community of practice whose purpose is to empower field practitioners to provide guidance and recommendations around solving problems or improving challenges around HIV interruption in treatment and continuity of treatment through a community process. The community tackles complex problems, such as HIV treatment continuity, by bringing together implementers, subject matter experts, and other key stakeholders to identify, share, and broadly communicate work in progress and best practices. This will drive the ability of each country to customize solutions to address its specific data issues. 


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Creating a space for country implementing teams to learn from one another.

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Shaping and consolidating best practices.

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Sharing technical frameworks and artifacts from already implemented solutions.

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Supporting countries as they build capacity and ownership of data use strategies.

Community Approach


The DUC offers a way to coordinate and engage with a multitude of agencies, organizations, and stakeholders to maximize support for country teams looking to scale up digital health strategies. The community approaches conversations with a user-centered design to understand the current landscape. This collaboration an

d integration of data will not only drive efficiency, but also improve patient care and programmatic impact. Through this approach;

  • Practitioners are adapting health information technology tools to meet critical information 
    needs and solve problems
  • Enough collective experiences to help us understand the impact and efficacy of these interventions exists
  • Local context matters

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