Interruption in Treatment and Continuity of Treatment

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The DUC proposes to initially focus on guidance regarding
approaches for enhancing continuity of treatment and reducing interruption in treatment. As many countries supported by PEPFAR approach epidemic control, it is becoming clear that some of the remaining “last-mile” obstacles can only be addressed through the use of longitudinal patient-level data. Alongside continuity of treatment and interruption in treatment, the community will encourage the use of this framework for other areas of the HIV continuum and for other disease domains as well.

This approach is designed to focus on the current priority in addressing the patient continuity of treatment challenge by providing a support structure to country teams as they work to:

  • Improve the quality and timeliness of data collected for patient care and clinicians.
  • Reuse data for surveillance and health system monitoring and other secondary uses.
  • Streamline process efficiency through user engagement.